Blackpink members break down on stage

SEOUL • Some people, it seems, are only too happy to kill others’ love for K-pop darlings Blackpink.

Seizing on any issue, however trivial, they have put the quartet, and their followers, on the defensive with their criticisms, even if some of the girl group’s alleged misdeeds and misfortunes are not of their own voluntary making.

Take the example of their video for Kill This Love whose content must have been shaped by the folk shooting it. In South Korea’s highly competitive K-pop industry, the strategy for idol groups is tightly mapped by their agencies.

So was it Blackpink singer Rose’s fault that national public broadcaster KBS is not showing the Kill This Love video because she is seen not wearing a seat belt in a driving scene?

No wonder fans said Rose and group member Lisa broke down on stage in Hamilton, Canada, last Saturday when Blackpink performed that leg of their North American tour.

While Rose told the crowd that she teared because she was touched by the rapturous reception the girl group received in Hamilton, netizens think she was devastated by the spate of recent bad news.

Last week, a ticketing website said Blackpink’s second Dallas-Fort Worth show was cancelled

While critics took the chance to gleefully attribute that to poor demand, level-headed folk called for an end to such speculation pending an official announcement, reported the allkpop website.

Naysayers also pounced on another incident at an earlier Illinois concert.

They complained that when singer Jennie suffered a wardrobe malfunction, she should not have stopped dancing and left the stage to fix the problem.

They labelled that act as unprofessional – abandoning the other three members on stage – but Jennie’s supporters asked whether she was at risk of flouting decency laws if her top came off and exposed her chest.