Coronavirus: Enterprise Singapore refutes claims that diner was fined

Enterprise Singapore has denied claims circulating on social media and text-messaging apps that one of its safe distancing ambassadors had fined a member of the public. It addressed the claims in a Facebook post on Friday.

One of the claims on social media was put up by a user who said she witnessed a customer at Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Compass One being fined $300 by a safe distancing ambassador for sitting on a seat that was marked with an “X” to maintain distance between patrons.

“Safe distancing ambassadors are deployed by various government agencies to guide and ensure that businesses implement and comply with the safe distancing measures. They do not impose fines,” Enterprise Singapore said.

Crowd-control measures have come into full force as the Government on Thursday announced new measures to limit crowds and minimise close contact in public spaces, with safe distancing ambassadors on hand to advise patrons and establishments.

In its post on Facebook, Enterprise Singapore also said that businesses found to have violated the Infectious Diseases Act and the regulations under the Act may be liable to be charged.

The statutory board advised the public to avoid spreading unverified information.

Malavika Menon

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