Fancy buying chopsticks used by Kris Wu?

BEIJING • Would you buy a pair of chopsticks used by singer Kris Wu, a drinking glass used by singer Will Pan or wet wipes used by actress Angelababy?

These items were offered for auction online last week after the trio dined last Wednesday at a hotpot restaurant in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, HK01 news website reported.

They were in Japan last week to film an upcoming variety show with actress Angel Zhao and rapper Fox, in which they managed an actual lifestyle shop in Tokyo.

Someone took a photo of the items after the celebrities finished their dinner and left, and posted it online to auction them. The asking prices were not listed in the photo circulated on China’s social media network Weibo.

While some netizens said it was a smart move to seize on a business opportunity, many called the sale “gross” and the person who took the photo “perverted”.

Some asked for proof that the items had indeed been used by the celebrities. It was unclear if there were any takers for the items.

This is not the first case of used celebrity items being hawked online in China.

Chinese singer Wang Yuan, of boyband TFBoys, was photographed smoking in a Beijing restaurant in May and his cigarette butt was reportedly offered online for 310,000 yuan (S$60,000). There were no further reports of the sale after it went viral online.

In August, a hotel in China’s central Hubei province was slammed after it advertised that potential customers could bid to stay for one night in a suite used by Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok.

The winner of the bid would also be able to take home items like towels and bedsheets used by the 49-year-old that still had “her lingering warmth and smell”, it advertised.