Accessories to spice up your game

Samsung C27RG50



This 27-inch full high-definition curved monitor has an amazing refresh rate of 240Hz – four times faster than the 60Hz of conventional monitors – for virtually lag-free visuals. Plus, it supports the G-Sync technology, which eliminates image tears and stuttering when used with gaming machines with Nvidia graphics cards.

Asus ROG Chakram



Not just any gaming mouse, the Asus ROG Chakram is both a gaming mouse and a joystick. Found on its left side, the joystick offers 360-degree movement in analogue mode or works as a four-way controller in digital mode. It also has 13 programmable buttons as well as RGB lighting.

Logitech G Pro X



With this keyboard, you can swop mechanical switches to your heart’s content. The Logitech G Pro X makes this easy as you do not need to desolder the switches individually. The tenkeyless mechanical keyboard comes in three switch options – the clicky GX Blue, the tactile GX Brown and the linear GX Red switches.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate



If you own both an Xbox One console and a gaming PC, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate can make your life easier as the controller is designed to work with both. Apart from the usual buttons, directional pad (D-pad) and thumb-sticks, it has six customisable bumpers and triggers for extra controls. It also features interchangeable thumb-sticks and D-pads.

HyperX Cloud Orbit S



This premium gaming headset will enhance your gaming audio experience. The HyperX Cloud Orbit S uses high-end audio company Audeze’s 100mm planar transducer drivers for great audio output. Plus, it features 3D audio technology for accurate sound positioning and head-tracking technology to deliver pinpoint sound localisation for highly realistic in-game audio.

Trevor Tan