On social media: Mario marries Ming

MARIO MARRIES MING: She has walked the runway and now Chinese supermodel Ming Xi is headed for the aisle. On Thursday, she and Mr Mario Ho (both above) revealed that they are now man and wife.

The son of Macau casino titan Stanley Ho proposed to her with 99,999 roses in May at a Shanghai mall in front of 1,000 guests.

In a Weibo post on Thursday, Mr Ho, 24, a businessman, wrote: “The person on the left has good taste (in picking a partner).”

Ming, 30, sweetly noted: “The person on the right has good taste (in picking a partner).”

They registered their marriage in China, amid talk that she is in the family way. Last month, she was photographed checking out baby cots in a store.

Mr Ho’s sister Sabrina, 28, who introduced him to Ming, made headlines last month on receiving an $87 million house when she got engaged to Harvard student Thomas Xin, 21.